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Coal Testing Instruments

Laboratory Oven (Universal Memmert Type)
Double walled construction. Inner chamber made of anodized Aluminum / S.Steel. Outer body made of mild steel is powder coated/painted. Temperature thermostatically controlled by hydraulic thermostat from 50°C-250°C. Elements are at the bottom and sides. Built in 'L' shape thermometer. The gap between the inner & outer chamber is filled with high grade glass wool to avoid the thermal losses and having perforated adjustable trays. Two pilot lamp on/off switch. Work on 220/230 V.AC. Following sizes are available.
S.No Chamber Size (W x H x D) Trays
a. 300x300x300mm (12"x12"x12") 02
b. 350x350x350mm (14"x14"x14") 02
c. 450x450x450mm (18"x18"x18") 02
d. 450x600x450mm (18"x24"x18") 02
e. 600x600x600mm (24"x24"x24") 02
f. 600x900x450mm (24"x36"x18") 03
g. 600x900x600mm (24"x36"x24") 03

b.o.d. Incubator (super deluxe automatic)
Double walled Chamber with interior walls made of stainless steel. The exterior is made heavy mild Steel powder coated.. The door is also a double walled construction. The Temperature range is from 5-60ºC, with an accuracy of +/-0.5ºC, controlled by Digital Temperature controller cum Indicator. Temperature below ambient is maintained by a hermetically sealed TECHUMSHAH/KIRLOSKAR Condensing Unit / Compressor with complete unit provided at the bottom, Complete with Stainless Steel Trays, two air circulations fan and unbreakable acrylic transparent, inside door. To work on 220/230 V, Single phase AC Supply.
S.No Chamber Size (W x H x D) Cap. (Cuft.)
a. 450 x 610 x 410 mm 4.0
b. 500 x 825 x 415 mm 6.1
c. 565 x 865 x 550 mm 10.0
d. 650 x 875 x 550 mm 12.0
e. 650 x 875 x 550 mm 15.0

Optional Accessories

Sieve Shaker (Grytory Motorized)
This can accommodate up to 7 sieves of 6"to 8" dia and is driver by ¼ H.P. Electric Motor through reduction gear. Every part of the sieves is utilized by the constant upward and downward movement. The whole gear mechanism runs in oil bath supplied without test sieves suitable for operation on 220 Volt AC.

High Temperature Furnace 1200ºC
Double walled , inner chamber made of grooved refractory fitted with Kanal -1 Heating coils to give maximum heat inside the chamber. The gap between the two chambers is filled with high density ceramic insulation which results the low heat loss. Provided with mains, main& heating indicator, energy regulator, thermocouple. Max. temp. 1200ºC, working temp. 1150ºC.
S.No Muffle Size Rating
a. 100 x 100 x 225 mm (4" x 4" x 9") 2.5 kw
b. 125 x 125 x 250 mm (5" x 5" x 10") 3.0 kw
c. 150 x 150 x 300 mm (6" x 6" x 12") 4.0 kw
d. 200 x 200 x 300 mm (8" x 8" x 12") 5.0 kw
e. 200 x 200 x 450 mm (8" x 8" x 18") 6.0 kw
f. 300 x 300 x 300 mm (12"x12"x12") 6.0 kw
g. 300 x 300 x 300 mm (12"x12"x18") 9.0 kw

Ball Mill
For mixing and grinding electrical operated. Having capacity up to 1 Kg. fitted with FHP geared motor with maximum speed of 80 RPM. Jar is made of aluminum having steel balls of different sizes. Jar is inter-chargeable and easily removable to operated on 220 volts
  • -do- with stainless steel jar cap 1 kg
  • -do- 2 kg jar Aluminum
  • -do- 2 kg jar stainless steel

Bomb Calorimeter (Digital) (With Safety Device)
For determination of heat combustion of organic matter and calorific value and sulphar content of coal, solid and liquid fuels. The bomb has a capacity of 300ml approximately a provided with a high pressure Schrader valve. Tested as per the recruitment of institute of petroleum (IP 12/63T). Supplied with, bomb calorimeter vessel with bomb support, water jacket, combined lid for calorimeter vessel and water jacket, stirrer, connecting leads, connecting tube to connect to bomb and pressure gauge. Connecting tube with fine adjustment valve to connect pressure gauge and oxygen cylinder pressure gauge. Connecting tube spanner for oxygen tube connection, ignition wire (2 meter) Nicrome, cotton reel, stand for unit, pallets press, digital beckman, thermometer benzoic acid, 'O' ring small, 'O' ring for stirrer. Valve for bomb and valve key. Supplied without oxygen cylinder
Optional accessories

Water Bath Rectangular (Double Wall)
Double walled construction. Outer body made of mild steel painted with powder coating. Inner chamber made of thick S.Steel complete with concentric rings. Temperature controlled by hydraulic thermostat from ambient to 95ºC, +/-1ºC. Complete with heating & main indicator, cord & plug but without thermometer. To work on 220/230V AC.
Size (L x B x H) Optional Accessories

Rotatory High Vaccum Pumps
These rotary high vaccum pumps are quite-in-operating & vibration-free designed for continuous working. Factory tested to assure satisfactory performance. The pump mechanism is contained in metal case with oil level sight gauge and drain plug at base. Motor driven pumps are completely mounted on rectangular base and are furnished with V-belt. An s available in single and double stage.
Capacity Single/Double Pump Speed RPM Motor HP
S-25 / D-25 450 / 450 0.25 / 0.25
S-50 / D-50 450 / 450 0.25 / 0.25
S-100 / D-100 450 / 450 0.25 / 0.50
S-150 / D-150 450 / 450 0.50 / 1.00
S-200 / D-200 450 / 450 1.00 / 1.00
S-300 / D-300 450 / 450 1.00 / 1.00
Optional Accessories for

Heating Mantle
Suitable for laboratories, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, dyes, glass plants etc. Used particularly for heating inflammable liquids. Electric heating net in hand knitted from glass yarn and there is no joint to maintain the strength of the yarm and stands high temperature upto 350ºC. The body of the mantle is spun one piece from mild sheet duty staving painted. All heating mantles are legged with special minerals wools to work on 220/230V AC supply.
S.no Two Tumbler Capacity Rating
a. 50ml & 100 ml 80 watts
b. 250 ml & 500 ml 200 watts
c. 01 Ltr. 300 watts
d. 02 Ltr. 450 watts
e. 03 Ltr. 500 watts
f. 05 Ltr. 600 watts
g. 10 Ltr. 2 x 600 watts
h. 20 Ltr. 3 x 650 watts
i. 50 Ltr. 5 x 650 watts
j. 100 Ltr. 6 x 900 watts
k. 200 Ltr. 9 x 900 watts

Red Wood Viscometers
These viscometers are designed for viscosity tests of petroleum products. They confirm to recruitments of IP 70. Two adaption of red wood viscometer are available No.1 for liquids having red wood flow 20 seconds to 2000 seconds and No.II for liquids whose flow time exceeds 2000 seconds. The complete out fit comprises hammer finished stainless steel bath with electrical heating arrangements suitable to operate at 220 Volts AC mains with tap, silver plated oil cup with precision stainless steel jet, cup, cover ball, valve, thermometer-clip. Stirrer and M.S. sheet stand with leveling screws.
Redwood Viscomet Er No.1